Participants Information Sheet

This is a copy of the ‘Participants Information Sheet’ which all participating users will receive a week prior to their participation date:

Honours Project: Fear Inducing Soundscape


Participation Information Sheet

A Research Project Investigating Sound Design Technique to Trigger the Emotional Arousal of Fear


I would like to invite you to participate in this project, which to test the effectiveness of current and pre-existing sound design technique used within movies, specifically in the genre of horror. The selected sound design techniques to elicit the emotional arousal of fear will be employed in a soundscape, in which you will participate in.

Why am I doing the project?

The project is part of my final year for my degree course at the Abertay University. It is hoped that the project could provide useful information for non-specialist and specialist audiences within the nature of this field. The data collected can also be useful to further improve on sound design techniques used in the genre of horror, regardless of media.

What will you have to do if you agree to take part?

Return the response slip to me so that I know you are interested in taking part.

  1. We will arrange a date, time and place to meet, which is convenient for you.
  2. We will have a brief talk over the whole process before we start the session.
  3. During the testing phase: you will be placed and sat in a dark room with a set of headphones. A heart rate monitor will be strapped around your chest (note: the transmitter of the apparatus will be wet and may cause some discomfort) and finally, an apparatus called Neulog galvanic skin response sensor which will measure the conductivity of your skin, i.e. sweat release level. This involves two small Velcro strips to be connected to your fingertips (index and middle finger).
  4. A night vision camera will be recording during this session to capture any physical signs of the emotional arousal of fear.
  5. A short interview will be held once the soundscape has finished. A series of questions will be asked whilst we review different stages of the recorded video playback. This session will also be recorded for data collection and review purposes.

Where will this take place?

The Hive facility, Abertay University.

How much of your time will participation involve?

The session will last no longer than 30 minutes.

Will your participation in the project remain confidential?

If you agree to take part, your personal details will not be recorded on the questionnaire or be mentioned in the video recorded sessions (during the soundscape phase and questionnaire). If, however, should you feel uncomfortable at any stage of the entire process of this project, all recorded materials that includes the participant will be destroyed upon request. You can request this action to be executed at any time by informing me via telephone or email.

What if you feel too uncomfortable to continue during the experience?

Even though the room will be in complete darkness, you can disengage at any given time during the session. You will be supervised by myself (Scott Ng) through night vision monitoring. If you do wish to disengage, simply take off the headphones to signify this intention and I will turn the main lights, back on. This will be reminded to you once again, before we start.

You have questions not listed here

Feel free to contact me at any time via my e-mail address or call (or text) me during the week, between the hours of 1pm to 8pm in regards to any other questions you may have. My contact details are located on the top right of the page.

I would to take this opportunity to show my sincere appreciation for the time you are giving me to invest further within this research, regardless of your intention to partake in my research.

Scott Ng

Researcher: Scott Ng

Undergraduate student, Abertay University

Supervisor: Dr. Kenny McAlpine

School of Arts, Media and Computer Games & Academic Curriculum Manager

Scott Ng

Abertay University

Mob No: 078926 01428

E-mail Address:

BA Hons Creative Sound Production

Participation Information Sheet 2017


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